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Featured Information, May 19th, 2016 - What Is A Rain Garden?

The Rain Garden Initiative is raising awareness to promote natural drainage for runoff water via the implementation of rain gardens. A rain garden is designed to collect runoff water into an area where vegitation was planted specifically for the purpose of absorbing water. The plants in the garden not only prevent erosion, but also help naturally absorbe the water.

One of the largest contributors of runoff water is the vast developement of roofs in areas where urban housing is built in close proximity of each other. By properly designing roofing systems and installing the right drainage we are able to divert rain water to a garden that can absorb the water properly without any damage to the enviroment, and at the same time minimizing water levels in already overflowing city sewer systems.

We are forming a renewed push to gain partnerships with roofing companies and and horticulturists to come together to provide awareness and information that will promote an expansion in the use of rain gardens.

Recent Rain Garden Initiative Information

The following are some of the latest roofing and horticulturists that the initiative is recognizing as great resources:

  1. Texas A&M Horticulture has done some of the most inovative studies in the industry.
  2. A great resource on rain garden roofs can be found here Growing A Garden Roof.
  3. This company has contributed plans that will change how roofs are designed to drain rainwater. Visit their website here at Roofing Colorado Springs.
  4. Indiviuals can find extensive information regarding Personal Rainwater Management. with Rain Garden Network.

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